Mario Buty 

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Core Competencies: Data workflows and pipelines, analytics and data visualizations, and web development.

Educational Background Work Experience: Bachelors of Science in Statistics and Applied Math from the University of Washington.

Four years of experience in software development, web development, medical imaging research, and scientific programming.

Work Focus: Enterprise web systems, dashboards and visualizations, and data migrations and pipelines.

Daily Work Activities: On a typical day I find data, organize it, and find ways to communicate it to users. I often debug or extend existing software projects, or help my team develop new ones. I spend a considerable amount of time collaborating with clients, users, and researchers to ensure my projects meet their needs.

Primary Project at the Current Time: Enterprise maintenance, development, and data migration for the Qualified Entity Certification Program.

Three Projects that Demonstrate My Skill Set: (1) Work Force GPS (analytics dashboard and client engagement), (2) Marketplace Operations and Exchange Support (debugging and requirements gathering), and (3) data pipeline and web networking for ASCEND products.