An Intelligence Transformation Platform™ (iPlatform) is a sophisticated machine learning powered platform that is built on real world evidence and simulation models that allow decision makers to understand trends and behavior patterns as well as create actionable insight.


ASCEND iPlatform is comprised of data, advanced analytics and intelligent applications that utilize both public and proprietary datasets in support of process and program improvement, proprietary research and advancing open science. Intelligence transformation relies on:

  • Data. The energy that fuels our intelligence transformation engine is data. Within an organization’s structured and unstructured data is where the patterns, relationships and insights are buried. It’s not about having 'big' data, it is about having the 'right' data. However, the more data, the better.

  • Advanced Analytics. Advanced Analytics include a wide-variety of tools (statistics, data mining, predictive analytics, machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, cognitive analytics) that we use to bring life to data—that is, to uncover customer, product and operational insights from an organization’s data.

  • Intelligent Applications. Applications are key to delivering actionable insights and to capturing the resulting interactions and actions of people and machines as they interact with the application. These applications can include anything from portals to the Internet of Things (IoT) to Advanced Knowledge Networks™.

ASCEND iPlatform helps organizations build data assets that gain insight into the intricacies of their data through benchmarking, trending, and improving outcomes through features that include data mining, data visualization, predictive analytics, and machine learning.

The ASCEND iPlatform is accessed through our proprietary set of Knowledge Interaction Tools™. These tools provide an innovative way for participants to interact with their data and to augment it with our cache of publicly available and proprietary data sources.