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An Advanced Knowledge Network(AKN) is a collaborative learning portal that provides clients the ability to better engage with their program participants. AKNs transform clients’ relationships with program participants by selectively channeling program resources and collecting data to create new insights, enhanced offerings, and improved outcomes for their participants.

AKN’s are delivered through our proprietary set of Knowledge Interaction Tools™ that engage a client’s participants to assess, learn and share knowledge. These tools provide an innovative way for participants to interact and collaborate with others with similar interests to build a data-driven community that is insightful, actionable and enlivened.


AKNs leverage dynamic, event-driven processing to target knowledge and resources defined by our clients’ participants’ stated needs. Based on the participant assessment, content is tailored to meet their specific interests. The system determines which action comes next based on the participants interactions (or failure to interact) within the network. Behind the scenes, ASCEND’s event-driven architecture determines the next automated activity, such as notifications.


Our collaboration portals do not just collect data. They synthesize it to dynamically tailor resources to the audience. Individualized content is regularly refreshed based on changes to news, education, resources or due to shared content from other members of the community as it relates to a participant’s specific interests.