ASCEND: Advancing Science through Collaboration, Evidence, Networks and Data

ASCEND is a technology company that delivers data-based products and information resources.  These Advanced Knowledge Networks™ and Intelligence Transformation Platforms™ collect, analyze, share and distribute knowledge in a dynamic collaborative manner.


Our vision is to bring life to data through technology solutions that continuously learn and evolve helping us better understand and improve lives.


In 2016, IMPAQ International, a public policy research and evaluation firm, created a private-sector division called IMPAQ Strategy. IMPAQ Strategy provided strategic consulting services related to data asset creation including building clinical registries, collecting data from the patient's perspective, and designing programs to support research. Over the next three years, we partnered with a wide variety of clients in the medical specialty, nonprofit, and life science arenas (press release).

In 2019, IMPAQ Strategy spun off from IMPAQ to create a separate technology company called ASCEND.  Through our consulting work, we realized the industry needed innovative ways to better engage program participants to collect, analyze and share their data (press release). With ASCEND, we have expanded from our work in health to include the fields of workforce, international labor, training and social programs allowing us to create a broader understanding of societal needs.

This is just the beginning.


Our legal, registered name is Advanced Knowledge Networks, LLC.  We are doing business as ASCEND.