Bringing Life to Data™

ASCEND is a technology company that delivers data-based products and information resources. Our product suite provides innovative ways to collect, analyze, share, and distribute a body of knowledge in a dynamic collaborative manner. Our mission is to create solutions that continuously learn and evolve with every interaction to better understand and improve lives.

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Advanced Knowledge Network™

A collaborative learning portal that better engages participants by selectively channeling program resources as well as collecting new data to create advanced knowledge.

Intelligence Transformation Platform™

A machine learning powered platform that is built on real world evidence and simulation models that transforms data to allow decision makers to create intelligence.


Trusted Products

Our Advanced Knowledge Networks(AKNs) give communities of interest the ability to create a collaborative learning environment for their customers to channel resources as well as to collect new data so they can serve them better.


Knowledge Interaction Tools™

A conceptual model for product delivery that engages participants to assess, learn and share knowledge in an interactive manner in order to build a data-driven community.