ASCEND is a technology company that delivers data-based products and information resources. Our advanced knowledge networks link human data to better understand and improve life:

Advanced /ad-vanst/ adj. dynamic, innovative and expanding

Knowledge /nol-ij/ n. awareness gained from data, information, education, or experience

Network /net-wurk/ n. an interactive social platform that allows people with similar interests to share, collaborate and build communities

These networks transform real-world data from the interdependent domains of health, education, income, social conditions, and well-being through the use of innovative tools that collect, analyze, share, and distribute a body of knowledge in a dynamic collaborative manner.


ASCEND Knowledge Interaction ToolS™

Advanced knowledge networks that allow communities of interest to gain insight and exchange innovative thinking.


ASCEND Intelligence Platform™

A sophisticated research platform based on real world evidence identifying trends and behavior patterns to create actionable insight.


ASCEND Hybrid Open Source Technologies™

Rapidly deployable technology solutions that provide user-friendly access points for data entry, computing and analytics.


We create advanced knowledge networks that transform data to improve lives.

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Seasoned professionals, dreamers to technicians, making our vision come true.

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